Tangle Ridge Custom Crushing is hiring!


About Us

Tangle Ridge Custom Crushing Ltd. (TRCC) has been in business for 24 years and has diversified over the years to overcome the many challenges it has faced.

Tangle Ridge is a very resourceful company that values conducting business to the highest quality. TRCC strives to ensure we are inclusive of local content, aboriginal content and employ locally to help our community to be sustainable. TRCC has diversified to better serve their customers in a way that is beneficial for all and ensures that they’re capable of projects in all aspects prior to bidding.

TRCC is a well-established company that is in a good place in the industry and community. We will continue to do business with great intentions and good relationships. TRCC has lots of knowledge and good relationships with the oil and gas, government, communities and the private sector.

Company Attributes

Project Management /Site Supervision
Erosion Control
All Season Grading
Culvert Installation and Repairs
Water Pit Repairs
Road Maintenance and Repairs
Road Construction
Low bedding
Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Transportation of Hazardous Waste-Licensed
Gravel Hauling
Crushing, Stockpiling, Screening, Blasting.
Reclamation & Remediation
Pit Management/Establishment
Dust Control
Earth Moving
Site Preparation and Clearing
Landfill Cell Building
Winter Road-Construction
Ice Bridge Construction and much more..

TRCC has worked with multiple sub-contractors to ensure we are able to be a multi service company to complete various projects.

Evolving with the Industry

TRCC strives to evolve with the ever-changing industries.

This means we are constantly expanding our crews, our subcontractor supply and our equipment needs.

This includes (but not limited too)
▪   Labourers
▪   Equipment Operators
▪   Slashers (seasonal)
▪  Truck Drivers (Class One)
▪  Camp Staff

If you feel you could attribute to our company, call our office, email tangleresumes@northwestel.net or fax us your experience at (250) 774-7903.